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FKA twigs - Home w/ You (dir. FKA twigs) flame op w/Object&Animal

cloud hi edge FX TD & compositor w/TRAUM INC

Widows (dir. Steve McQueen) FX TD & compositor w/One Of Us

A$AP Rocky x FKA twigs - Fukk Sleep (dir. Diana Kunst) FX TD & flame op w/Object&Animal, O Creative

Riverside (Jiayu Liu) FX TD w/Artists+Engineers

Wrinkle In Time (dir. Ava DuVernay) lighting & FX TD w/OOU

The Weeknd - Secrets (dir. Pedro Martin-Calero) flame op w/Jorge+Sam+Federica+Juantxo

The OA pt2 (dir. Brit + Zal) TD w/OOU

Wolfboy (dir. Martin Krejci) compositor w/Tom Sparks

City of D (dir. Nick Knight) compositor w/OOU

Leftwing:Kody (dir. Filip Nilsson) flame op w/O&A

Voyage of Time (dir. Terrence Malick) FX TD & compositor w/One Of Us
astronomical data rendering, space telescope imaging pipeline

FKA twigs - Pendulum (dir. FKA twigs) CG & flame op
(whole piece)

FKA twigs - Figure8 // I'mYourDoll // IN TIME (dir. FKA twigs) CG & flame op
(everything except inflation)

Under The Skin (dir. Jonathan Glazer) imaging TD, compositor, software engineer w/One Of Us
3 big shots, 40 cleanup shots, custom camera R&D

Mirror Mirror (animation dir. Ben Hibon) lead compositor w/One Of Us
all the 2D bar a few eyes

Various film and commercials VFX, R&D and software engineering w/One Of Us

Hyundai,  Bells,  Cadbury Milk Tray,  Land Rover (all dir. Chris Palmer) flame op w/The Quarry

Skoda 'Climb' (dir. Martin Krejci) flame op w/The Quarry

Nissan GTR (dir. Walter Campbell) FX TD & flame op

NSPCC 'Guardians' (dir. Chris Palmer) flame op w/Tom Sparks

Smyths 'Snot' (dir. Chris Palmer) flame op & colorist w/The Quarry

Clydesdale 'B' (dir. Chris Palmer) flame op w/Tom Sparks
(half the piece)

Honda 'Endless Road' (dir. Chris Palmer) smoke op + pitch-viz and layout w/Tom Sparks

Honda 'Illusions' (dir. Chris Palmer) flame op w/Tom Sparks

Honda, 3 Mobile, Ikea, Homeaway, Whiskas, Cancer Research flame op & CG packs w/Tom Sparks

Guinness 'Dark Life' (dir. Frederic Planchon) compositor and flame op w/One Of Us

Jupiter Ascending (dir. Wachowskis) compositor w/One Of Us

Axe, Ponds, VW Golf, Ericsson, Dettol assorted commercials compositing and cleanup w/The Mill

Moon (dir. Duncan Jones) compositor w/Molinare London
titles, 40+ screen, type design, cleanup shots

Bunny & The Bull (dir. Paul King) compositor w/Molinare London
50+ stop-motion, newspaper-world, title and cleanup shots

Pelican Blood (dir. Karl Golden) main title design + compositor w/Molinare London

Carphone Warehouse - Chaos (dir. Eric Lerner) compositor w/Partizan Lab

Various assorted film, TV, commercial and corporate VFX w/Molinare London