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Max Fielden is a Freelance Director of Photography / Director based in London.


He has worked as a Director, Director of Photography and Camera Operator on documentaries, music videos, commercials and short films. He has been involved in a variety of projects, including working for Royal Festival Hall, Volkswagen (directed by Jonathan Glazer), Ladbrokes, Forever 21, The Destroyers, Hewlett-Packard and Global Blue.  Click Here to view some of Max’s latest work.


Max gained a BA (hons) Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design. It was during his studies he began creating films which were an extension of his photography and painting work. He continues to produce artwork from his studio in East London.

He is currently working on a film based in Paris and developing a script for a feature of his own. He is always looking to collaborate on new and interesting projects,

contact: maxfielden@gmail.com